Donn STEEL Track & Studs

Donn STEEL Track & Studs

Gyproc and DONN commit themselves to cost effective solutions for Dry wall systems in the building industry with new innovations and quality is setting new standards.

DONN UltraSTEEL Safety Track.


UltraSTEEL Safety Track, safety comes first, but speed is a given. The introduction of a new folded edge allows for fast, comfortable installation without the risk of injury. The latest in dry walling innovation.


The DONN UltraSTEEL tracks comes in standard sizes of 51mm, 63.5mm, 102mm x 3000 in length.

DONN UltraSTEEL Studs.

OUR NEW INDEXED H-PUNCH C-shaped stud used in the76mm &89mm wide GypWall Classic, DuraLine, FireStop and SoundBloc systems.

OUR NEW INDEXED H-PUNCH C-shaped stud that improves acoustic performance by increasing cavity width. Used in FireStop, MoistureResistant, and SoundBloc systems. Can also be used to achieve increased heights with single stud framework.


The DONN UltraSTEEL Studs comes in standard sizes of 51mm, 63.5mm in width and its comes in 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm, 3600mm & 4200mm in length.

The DONN UltraSTEEL Studs also comes in standard size of 102mm in width and it comes in 2700mm, 3000mm, 3600mm in length.

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