A CORNICE is a piece of decorative mould used around your rooms which defines the space at the corner between a wall and the ceiling above it, installed at an angle joining a wall to the ceiling.



Key facts

  • Cornices comes in various different products like Rhino cornice, polystyrene or foam cornice and polyurethane cornice.
  • Cornices comes in various width and lengths.
  • The width of cornice is determined by the height of the walls and the size of the room.


  • Cornices are very easy to install with cornice adhesive or rhinobed.


  • Rhino cornice comes in 75mm and 125mm in width and 2700, 3000, 3600, and 4200 in length.
  • Polystyrene and polyurethane cornices comes in different width and length.
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